Adel Trinity 788 thumbprint keypad password lock




Forget carrying or lose your key? To ease your worry and avoid embarrassment, Latest model of LA9-3 and LA9-388  Adel Trinity 788 biometric thumbprint door lock is the solution. Biometric fingerprint keypad locks have gained tremendous benefits compared to conventional key door locks, combination door locks, or card reader door locks. 


Adel Trinity 788 biometric fingerprint (thumbprint) keypad password door lock is designed for unsurpassed security, style, keyless and ease of use. Keys are no longer needed with the Scyan 16 fingerprint lock. Automatic locking, never leave your door unlocked again. Solid construction with the PCB sealed with epoxy to prevent moisture, corrosion and loosening. The Adel Trinity 788 fingerprint lock is a stand alone system, no PC is required. No more calling in locksmiths to re-key a commercial door when an individual leaves without turning in his/her key. Two fail safe backups are built into the fingerprint lock in case the batteries fail. You can use a traditional key or simply touch a 9V battery to the two terminals under the lock to provide interim power. You can even access the lock with a combination keypad code. The lock rival the security levels that the Pentagon has. Adel Finger print (thumb print) Recognition Door lock system is excellent for the residential home or commercial office. 


Please watch the following video to see how it works.

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